Carol Dean – My story and how the school began 20 years ago

To mark the schools 20th Anniversary,

we have released Carol Deans story available to listen to on Mp3

“You’re in Charge at the End of the Day”

Here are some clips from the interview however I suggest it’s best to listen, to really get a feel for it.

Carol began her journey back in 1992 over 27 years ago, whilst she was working within social care she developed a very open mind and learned to become non judgemental. At the same time she was practising both yoga and martial arts and was always drawn to eastern way of thinking.

Her friend Joy found a shiatsu workshop being run by Bernard Nolan at Sheffield university. Neither knew then what shiatsu was but thought it sounded interesting. From here Carol felt  “Just right”, and began a 6month course with Bernard. However at the time there was very few schools about so Carol travelled to London to study with the shiatsu college to complete her training. She felt shiatsu was “Magic”.

Bernard set up a branch of the shiatsu college in Sheffield and soon Carol began assisting and going through the process of training as a teacher.  However the shiatsu college decided they could no longer continue to keep the college, so closed leaving a year 3 group without a school or teacher. Carol stepped into the breech and opened her own school for these year 3’s, this was back in April 1998 since then the school has flourished with little marketing but grown organically via word of mouth. And is now known as a centre of excellence for shiatsu nationwide.