Foundation Course


Foundation Course

Starting this January 2019

This course provides a detailed introduction to Shiatsu for first time learners; no previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course you will be able to give friends and family simple and effective Shiatsu treatments.
You can complete the Foundation Course as a self contained course or as the first part of our One Year Certificate. Therapists who already hold a qualification in other treatment modalities may also find this course to be a valuable addition to their continuing professional development.

In this course you will learn:-
•Core skills for giving shiatsu
•Treatment routines for clients in prone, supine, side and sitting positions
•The basic skills of observation and diagnosis using the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine
•Self care exercises
•Relevant theory to support your practice
•Foundation Course Curriculum

Duration: Six days over three weekends (one weekend per month) The Foundation Course may be completed as a self contained course or as the first part of the one year certificate)

Fee: £275 (No deposit required but places are limited so please book early, fees can be paid monthly)
The course will run subject to numbers. Refreshments are provided during the day but please make your own arrangements for lunch.

Weekend 1 – The Back
Practical Skills: Core skills (thumbing, palming stretching etc) • Shiatsu treatment in prone position ( the back) • Treatment of neck and shoulders in sitting position • Basic treatment records • Self care and preparation – Do-in exercises
Theory: About the Shiatsu Society • Ethics and code of conduct • Contra-indications to treatment • Ki and theory of Yin and Yang • Anatomical terms (positions, planes and sections etc) • Introduction to the skeletal system

Weekend 2 – The Front
Practical Skills: Shiatsu treatment in supine position (the front) • Facial shiatsu • Introduction to observation and diagnosis • Communication and listening skills • Techniques for tonifying and dispersing • Yoga exercise salutation to the sun
Theory: Recap skeletal system • Introducing the main muscles and types of joints

Weekend 3 – Side And Sitting
Practical Skills: Shiatsu treatment in side position • Shiatsu treatment for clients sitting in a chair • Practice treatments using at least two treatment positions • Self care and preparation – Makko-ho stretches
Theory: Recap of muscles and joints • Introduction to five element theory • About the one year certificate & three year diploma • Course evaluation

Next Foundation course starting January 2019

Weekend 1 – 26th/27th January 2019

Weekend 2 – 23rd/24th February 2019

Weekend 3  – 23rd/ 24th March 2019

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