Carol Dean – My story and how the school began 20 years ago

To mark the schools 20th Anniversary,

we have released Carol Deans story available to listen to on Mp3

“You’re in Charge at the End of the Day”

Here are some clips from the interview however I suggest it’s best to listen, to really get a feel for it.

Carol began her journey back in 1992 over 27 years ago, whilst she was working within social care she developed a very open mind and learned to become non judgemental. At the same time she was practising both yoga and martial arts and was always drawn to eastern way of thinking.

Her friend Joy found a shiatsu workshop being run by Bernard Nolan at Sheffield university. Neither knew then what shiatsu was but thought it sounded interesting. From here Carol felt  “Just right”, and began a 6month course with Bernard. However at the time there was very few schools about so Carol travelled to London to study with the shiatsu college to complete her training. She felt shiatsu was “Magic”.

Bernard set up a branch of the shiatsu college in Sheffield and soon Carol began assisting and going through the process of training as a teacher.  However the shiatsu college decided they could no longer continue to keep the college, so closed leaving a year 3 group without a school or teacher. Carol stepped into the breech and opened her own school for these year 3’s, this was back in April 1998 since then the school has flourished with little marketing but grown organically via word of mouth. And is now known as a centre of excellence for shiatsu nationwide.

Building your Shiatsu business with facebook

Build Your Business with a Facebook Page – A beginners guide By @ShiatsuShane



I know only too well how building a good facebook page can help build a fantastic business, It has helped me go from zero to 25 clients a week.
My page currently stands at just under a 1000 likes and is still the main way a new client makes initial contact with me.

The average person in the UK spends just over 2hrs a day on social media. Just look around you on the train the bus, at work even walking down the street and you will see most people’s faces pressed against the screen as they check facebook, twitter, instagram or maybe snap chat.

Here we shall focus on Facebook as Facebook is still the biggest social media platform and is still holding steady with 31 million UK profiles alone meaning that 60% of the UK has a facebook account.

STEP 1 – Open a personal profile, if you don’t already have an account I suggest you do even if you don’t intend to use it, add your friends and family. You can create a business page without a personal profile however there are a lot of restrictions on it and you will find alot of tools won’t be available.

STEP 2. Click the button create page follow the on screen instructions. Here you will pick a name, choose a category add information such as contact number address, ect. Don’t over worry about the name when first setting it up you can change it when you’ve built the page.

STEP 3. The name of your page should represent you your business ie my page is called shiatsu shane, the Shiatsu Society is called shiatsu society uk. One of the best names I’ve seen is shiatsu Sheffield you know from that title it’s shiatsu in Sheffield so keep it simple something people will easily remember.

STEP 4. Add a cover photo I highly suggest here you use a shiatsu themed photo ideally one of you doing shiatsu, but it can also be a good place to place offers as it will be one of the first images people see when they click your page.

STEP 5. Profile photo here most people add there company logo and why not we have spent a lot of time coming up with our logo, however I’d hold back on that and instead add a good profile picture of yourself, your clients want to connect with you not a logo.

STEP 6. Invite all your friends and family to like your page, this is where having a personal account matters as if you don’t there is no one to initially like it. Your friends and family are your initial Base for your page, from them more will come.

STEP 7. Content every time you post you will see underneath “organic reach” this is how many people see your post. Just because your page has a 100 likes doesn’t mean a 100 people will see your post. Organic reach depends on many factors firstly more people will always see your post if there is a photo attached and even more will see it if it’s a video. Then it’s down to how many of your followers click like or share. You need people to interact with your content in order for more people to see it.

STEP 8. What to post and when, now here comes the experimenting part as social media continues to evolve so does the rules on what to post and when, the busiest times on Facebook are weekends, evenings and Monday dinnertime. But does that mean it’s best to post then as you also have more content to compete with, or is it best to post midweek in the morning? Experiment see what works for you.
How often again trial and error but what I’ve found is 3-5 posts a week is optimum for my followers any more and my interactions drop, start doing 3-5 day and people really seem to switch off. Less than once a week well you start to drop off your followers news feeds.
And what to post? Well again experiment and don’t over worry about what your posting it’s ever evolving, but don’t just put health tips on there mix it up. I tried putting what I thought was well written health tips and I nearly lost my audience. But I stuck a photo of my son doing shiatsu on me in my living room and suddenly my page is buzzing again. Remember your clients follow your page for you not just for information.

STEP 9. Offers are a good way of building your page and filling your diary, I did this alot early on come up with an offer say Shiatsu awareness month £10 off for all new clients.
So create an offer, then in order to take advantage of the offer ask them to like and share the offer. Here is a simple example I’ve just created, but I’d also add in some more details such what you do how it helps ect.


STEP 10. Reviews most people who land on your page are looking for help and what to know who your are and what you can do to help,. They may have looked at your post and be liking what they see but still on edge on whether to contact you or not. So reviews are very powerful. So to get a few reviews simply ask your clients your clients love you and want you to do well, so send them a message tell them you have just created a fb page and it would really be beneficial to you if they can navigate to the review section and leave a lovely review. Odds on they will.

Good luck now go create and awesome page.

New dawn a new beginning


Sunrise shiatsu new beginng

Northern School of  shiatsu –  Changes are happening and here is our  first ever blog post.     

Over the past couple of years a shift in energy has been happening at the school. New teachers have joined our team.

New home grown teachers such as Anette and Lisa and we shall also be extending our reach and training more teachers in the forth coming years.

Also the website is under going a slight evolution and is being tinkered with daily to bring a more responsive feel so that it is easy to read on both tablet and phone.

We now also have the addition of a former student who is working on social media and marketing to help  create a more engaging virtual presence.   

the current teachers have agreed to write posts for the website hopefully giving you insights into the shiatsu world from building a practise to thoughts on teaching or maybe there take on a particular theory.

so with this great new younger and energetic team with Carol the creator of the school at the helm exciting times lay ahead and I’m sure the school will continue to stand out as a school of excellence  for shiatsu studies and further education.



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