New courses 2019/2020

Up Coming Courses 2019/2020

Foundation In shiatsu starting - 7th/8th of September

his course provides a detailed introduction to Shiatsu for first time learners; no previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course you will be able to give friends and family simple and effective Shiatsu treatments.
You can complete the Foundation Course as a self contained course or as the first part of our One Year Certificate. Therapists who already hold a qualification in other treatment modalities may also find this course to be a valuable addition to their continuing professional development.

In this course you will learn:-

•Core skills for giving shiatsu
•Treatment routines for clients in prone, supine, side and sitting positions
•The basic skills of observation and diagnosis using the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine
•Self care exercises
•Relevant theory to support your practice
•Foundation Course Curriculum

Duration: Six days over three weekends (one weekend per month) The Foundation Course may be completed as a self contained course or as the first part of the one year certificate)

Fee: £275 (No deposit required but places are limited so please book early, fees can be paid monthly)
The course will run subject to numbers. Refreshments are provided during the day but please make your own arrangements for lunch.


5 Elements Constellation Workshop 1 & 2 February 2020

Constellating the five elements in practice means; choosing five
participants to represent the five elements. This is an intra-psychic
work and each element represents an aspect of the Self. A core
dynamic that is present and influencing the person in a tangible and
often detrimental way in life reveals itself.
The constellation process can reveal new, simple yet surprising
solutions/resolutions for many of the important questions that are
intrinsic to life. With respect and love, looking into our own
entanglements in our family of origin, our present family, profession,
work, our relationship with money, abundance or health, in a safe and
supportive environment. The richness of the experience may lead to
new ways of looking into our own life. A way that is more congruent
and supportive, wider and lighter
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Date: 1 st and 2 nd February 2020
The cost of the course is £85 to take part in a constellation and £50 to be a representative. A
deposit of £20 is required to confirm your place on the course and the remainder can be paid in
monthly instalments if preferred. To reserve a place please complete and return this form to the
above address by the 10th September. This confirms your commitment to attending the course and
paying the necessary fees. Places are limited so early application is advisable to avoid disappointment.

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On-site Seated Shiatsu Course

25th -26th January, 15th -16th February and Saturday 14th March 2020

This is a comprehensive 5 day course covering Shiatsu treatment in the
seated position for people who have completed at least Year 1 of a
recognised Shiatsu Training programme.
Unlike other on-site programmes which teach a set routine, our intention
in developing the On-site Shiatsu course has been to teach a variety of
techniques so that course participants learn to give tailor-made,
appropriate treatments to each individual client. We teach the use of on-
site chairs, and also ordinary seats and stools, so that you can give an
effective treatment anywhere.
Course content includes:
 Shiatsu Theory: Revision of Yin-Yang and Ki energy, Five Elements,
Oriental Diagnosis: postural & facial diagnosis, taking a case
history, Yu point touch diagnosis.
 Practical Technique: a Basic Framework routine which uses
traditional arm, neck & shoulder meridians plus some Zen
extensions, stretches and rotations, function and location of 30
Acupoints. In addition we encourage you to use your existing
knowledge to tailor treatments to clients.
 Professional Development: contraindications, Health & Safety, Code
of Ethics, insurance, aftercare and recommendations.
 Anatomy & Physiology: relevant Anatomy & Physiology for the head,
neck & shoulder area, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic,
nervous systems, respiration & skin.
Intended Learning Outcome
By the end of the course you will be able to:
 Apply the principles of Oriental Diagnosis to create an appropriate
20 – 45 minute treatment.
 Diagnose excess or deficient Ki in the meridians by using Yu points.
 Work smoothly on relevant traditional arm, neck & shoulder
 Perform stretches & rotations effectively and within the range of
client comfort.
 Choose and use Acupoints as relevant to the client’s condition.
 Give aftercare recommendations.
Certification Requirements
 Complete 20 treatments & present treatments notes for each.
 Pass Anatomy & Physiology, and Health & Safety assignments
 Pass practical assessment (observed treatment plus point location