Carol Dean B.A. (Hons) MRSS(T)


I began my Shiatsu studies in 1988 and graduated from the Shiatsu College in 1991. In 1998 I became a registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society and founded the Northern School of Shiatsu where I have been actively teaching ever since. I have also taught on shiatsu courses at Bradford College, Buxton College and the University of Derby. Outside my teaching I work with cancer patients and have my own practice. I have worked within a drug rehabilitation project, a women’s disabilities group and with people with MS. Since 2002 I have been actively involved with sub groups within the Shiatsu Society.

Lisa Esmonde MRSS

FB_IMG_1454418776651~2 I have an honours degree in psychology from the National University of Ireland and studied Shiatsu in both the British School of Shiatsu-Do and the Northern School of Shiatsu graduating in 2005.  I run a private practice through a clinic in Sheffield (4 Good Health) and provides Shiatsu for the Cavendish Cancer Care Centre, a Centre dedicated to support people affected by cancer.   In addition, and through the Cavendish, I also work for Weston Park Hospital’s Cancer Information and Support Centre running two clinics per week. As well as working with people affected by Cancer, I have a special interest in treating people with neurological conditions and provide Shiatsu to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease through the Cavendish.   This interest in neurological disease prompted me to conduct graduate studies in an area of therapist/client interaction during shiatsu treatments, known as “therapist effects” for people with Multiple Sclerosis.  I am reading for a PhD at Teesside University examining this phenomenon under the supervision of Professor Anna van Wersch.  I will finish my studies in 2016. Prior to working as a Shiatsu practitioner, I spent 12 years working as Health Services Researcher at the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds.  My research duties were shared with the Teaching Unit at the Universities Schools of Health Care in Leeds and the School of Health and Related Research in Sheffield, the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing and Midwifery. After graduating with a Diploma in Shiatsu in 2005, I spent 3 years assisting on 3 levels of Shiatsu training and then completed the Northern School’s accredited Teacher training in 2008.  Since 2010, I have begun post-graduate study of Shiatsu Shin Tai, a system of Shiatsu using knowledge from fields such as Osteopathy and Cranio-sacral therapy to facilitate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  With 10 years of practitioner experience, and teaching many levels, I have begun teaching at the Northern School of Shiatsu’s undergraduate Shiatsu diploma programme.

Annette Lucas MRSS(T)


Since graduating from the Northern School of Shiatsu in 2002, I’ve been constantly inspired and encouraged by the connection Shiatsu practice offers to individuals, in terms of the body mind, but also between individuals, enhancing communities and breaking down barriers. It was this passion for integration and empowerment that provided the impetus behind my training & teaching of Shiatsu. I had qualified in Therapeutic Massage in 2001, gaining further qualifications in Acupressure Massage in 2005 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture in 2008.  I spent 3 years assisting on 3 levels of Shiatsu training and then completed the Northern School’s accredited Teacher training in 2008 and have been teaching since 2009. Shiatsu’s a wonderfully dynamic therapy, offering subtlety and challenge that’s incredibly applicable to just about anyone, any situation in pretty much any environment. I have particular experience working with survivors of abuse and those with drug and alcohol issues. I co-founded Sheffield’s first Multi-bed clinic and now co-run 4 Good Health; a multi-therapy, multi-bed!  My work with Nurture Sheffield and ACT Yorkshire focuses on fertility and pregnancy. My teaching combines a passion for Shiatsu & practical experience with a hint of humour!  I feel privileged to be in a position to support students in their unique Shiatsu journey. The Shiatsu Society The Shiatsu Society (UK) was established in 1981 as an umbrella organisation for anyone interested in Shiatsu. It is a non-profit organisation that is now recognised as the professional body for practitioners of Shiatsu in the United Kingdom. The Shiatsu Society works to promote public awareness of Shiatsu in the UK and to support the high standards practiced by its members. The Shiatsu Society maintains a public register of qualified Shiatsu practitioners who are members of the Shiatsu Society. The diploma course of the Northern School of Shiatsu is ratified by the Shiatsu Society, and students who complete the course can be listed as graduate members in the public register. Graduates may progress to be recognised as an MRSS (Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society UK) by completing a Post Graduate Year or an MRSS exam. Graduates of our diploma are encouraged to maintain membership of the Shiatsu Society. To find out more please see the Shiatsu Society website: www.shiatsusociety.org

CONTACT ME To apply for a course or for further information please contact Carol Dean Tel: 07891 591 108 carol.dean244@btinternet.com or write to: Northern School of Shiatsu, 3, Six Mile Cottages Front Street, Seaton Burn Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 6BQ

Elaine’s journey into Shiatsu began with her own experience of ill health. She discovered in her early twenties that Shiatsu and the principles of Oriental Medicine could help her to understand and alleviate debilitating migraines. Since then the theories of Yin-Yang, Five Elements and Zen Shiatsu, and working with energy (Ki) have been the compasses that guide her life journey. 
Communication has always been important to Elaine. She graduated in Modern Languages from the University of Aberdeen and after a spell of time as a trainee journalist began studying Shiatsu. She was Secretary of the Shiatsu Society in its initial 10 years (1981-91), being very involved in networking between practitioners and students, and she was instrumental in setting up the Society’s Practitioner Assessment Panel. Elaine is currently active on the Shiatsu Society’s Ratifications Sub-committee; this involves the Ratification of Shiatsu Schools and the New Route to MRSS for Graduates of Ratified Shiatsu Schools. (www.shiatsusociety.org) 
Elaine began studying Shiatsu at the East West Centre in London in 1980. Having completed Kushi Institute Levels 1 & 2 she went on to study with leading teachers from Britain, USA and Japan, noteably Harriet Devlin, Master Kishi, Wataru Ohashi, Shizuko Yamamoto and Pauline Sasaki. Elaine’s most extensive training has been in Zen Shiatsu as taught by Pauline Sasaki.
Elaine established a Shiatsu teaching programme in Glasgow in 1986 in order to spread awareness of Shiatsu and to provide a structured training to professional standards. 

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